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Workpackage number :



Start date or starting event:



Partner code: Person-months

P1: 3

P2: 1

P3: 2

P4: 1

P5: 1

P6: 3


P7: 6

P8: 3

P9: 3



Dissemination of the results that would be obtained is one of the crucial aspects of the proposal; this will be addressed during the time. The efforts will take care not only the scientific community, which is naturally interested in the results of a research program, but mainly to the End-Users community, that are the principal actors in the exploitation of the results.


Methodology/work description

The dissemination of proposal results will be tackled in the following ways:

  • A web site will be established and regularly updated with the newest information on the proposal; at the very beginning all the documents produced for the project will be placed into the web pages, and in the follows the public domain deliverables and the project report, when approved by Commission, will be added.
  • Two workshops will be organised, one at the middle of project time and the other at the end of the project. The End-Users will be invited at both in order to see the advanced outcomes and to obtain feed-backs in order to keep the research work as close as possible to the End-Users needs.
  • Regular scientific dissemination will be done using the standard mechanisms, i.e. scientific conference, workshop, paper publications.
  • Regular scientific presentation will be done at COST 717 Management Committee and Working Groups.


WorkPackage Deliverables :

  1. Web site; Delivery date: 6.
  2. Workshops; Delivery date: 18, 36.


Contribution to Project Milestones:

M1 Setup of proposal web site

M2 Regularly updating of web site

M3 Regularly updating of web site– 1st project workshop

M4 Regularly updating of web site

M5 Regularly updating of web site

M6 Regularly updating of web site – 2nd project workshop

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