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Partner code: Person-months

P1: 2

P2: 0

P3: 0

P4: 1

P5: 1

P6: 0


P7: 1

P8: 0

P9: 4



A: At the start of the project the research teams must know what are the basic minimum standards of accuracy, reliability and timeliness in the precipitation and flood forecasts.

B: During the project, as the performance possibilities of the various technologies become clearer, the best compromises between accuracy and reliability and forecast lead time must be determined.

C: Towards the end of the project, advice on how best to utilise and disseminate the project results will be necessary.

All of the above will be determined by an end-users consultative group.


Methodology/work description

A consultative group of selected European End-Users, which are listed in the part C (table C7), will be created. During the first six months of the project each End-User will be met by the corresponding national partner in order to identify as much as clearly is possible the needs and the constraints for their activities, i.e. basic requirements for forecast accuracy, reliability and lead times.

The groupís members will meet two times for year with the corresponding national partners to assess and monitor the quality of the research work, further they will attend at each project workshop. Once the performance possibilities for each of the technologies is clear, the end-user group will decide on the most useful operational compromises of accuracy, reliability and forecast lead-time. The research teams will concentrate on developing these directions most likely to meet the stated requirements.


WorkPackage Deliverables :

  1. Basic End-Users requirements; Delivery date: 6.
  2. End-Users Assessment document; Delivery date: 24, 36.


Contribution to Project Milestones:

M1 Definition of End-Users requirements

M2 Updating of End-Users assessment

M3 Updating of End-Users assessment. First report on End-Users feedback

M4 Updating of End-Users assessment

M5 Updating of End-Users assessment

M6 Final version of End-Users assessment

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