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Workpackage number :


Start date or starting event:


Partner code: Person-months

P1: 12

P2: 2

P3: 2

P4: 2

P5: 0

P6: 0


P7: 0

P8: 0

P9: 0



To provide the necessary management throughout the project, to safeguard the objectives of the study, and optimise the co-operation between the participants.


Methodology/work description

The work will be developed on the basis of three tasks.

The first task includes the overall management of the project and the administrative management, which will be carried out by Partner 1.

Daily management of the project will incorporate:

  • information exchange with European Commission
  • management of the financial aspects of the project
  • initiate project meetings
  • control project progress (milestones) and deliverables

The second task will deal with quality assurance. This task will be to monitor the overall quality of the work in the project which will be carried out through a Technical Steering Committee (TSC, project coordinator, partners 2, 3, 4 plus external members)

The third task will concern the global co-ordination of the tasks of the project, namely:

  • optimising co-operation between project participants
  • dissemination of all relevant information within the project
  • review all deliverables


WorkPackage Deliverables :

  1. Set-up of Technical Steering Committe. Delivery date: 2.
  2. Report of the kick-off Meeting Delivery date: 2.
  3. 1st TSC report Delivery date: 2.
  4. 2nd TSC report Delivery date: 20.
  5. 3rd TSC report Delivery date: 36.
  6. Final report including Exploitation Plan and Technology Implementation Plan Delivery date: 36.


Contribution to Project Milestones:

M1 Set-up of TSC - 1st TSC meeting

M2 Project coordination

M3 Project coordination - 2nd TSC meeting

M4 Project coordination

M5 Project coordination

M6 3rd TSC meeting, Project Final report.

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