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Helsinki joint workshop & meeting, 22-24 June 2004
  • European Workshop on New Tools for Flood Forecasting and Warning:
  • Agenda. PDF file
  • Meeting minutes. PDF file
  • Project management. PowerPoint file
  • Assimilation of Doppler radar radial winds in HIRLAM (FMI, SMHI). PowerPoint file
  • WP 2: Status of Dual-Doppler Wind Retrieval Project (U. Essex). PowerPoint file
  • University of Barcelona contribution to WP 3 (Data assimilation). PowerPoint file
  • Simulations of MAP IOPs 14-15 with Lokal Modell: impact of nudging on forecast precipitation (ARPA). PowerPoint file
  • WP 4: Assessment of Nwp Model Uncertainty Including Models Errors (Progea). PowerPoint file
  • WP 5: Ingestion of satellite data into the Local Analysis and Prediction System (LAPS) (ISAC-ARPA). PowerPoint file
  • Forecasting weather radar propagation conditions using NWP mesoscale model data (U. Barcelona). PowerPoint file
  • WP 7: FMI Progress Report. PowerPoint file
  • WP 8: DLR presentation. PowerPoint file
  • Recent activities of SMHI hydrological research unit within CARPE DIEM, area 3. PowerPoint file
  • The multi-sensor Bayesian combinations (Progea). PowerPoint file
  • NUID-CWRR Report. PowerPoint file