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Düsseldorf-Neuss joint workshop & meeting, 26-28 May 2003
  • Information for participants
  • Draft Agenda.   MS Word file
  • Joined Workshop MUSIC / CARPE DIEM agenda.   MS Word file
  • WP1 Project management. PowerPoint file
  • FMI progress report. PowerPoint file
  • WP3: University of Barcelona presentation.   PowerPoint file
  • Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Simplified Kalman Filter tecniques for real time Data Assimilation (PROGEA). PowerPoint file
  • WP 5: Assessment of improvements in NWP (ARPA). PowerPoint file
  • WP6: Anomalous Propagation Modelling (U. Essex, SMC, U. Barcelona). PowerPoint file
  • DLR presentation. PowerPoint file
  • Advances in the assessment of the MW-IR blended technique for rain rate measurement by remote sensing (ISAC-CNR). PowerPoint file
  • Contribution to Area 3 (NUID-UCD). PowerPoint file