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Implementation of 4-dimensional continuous assimilation, based on nudging (Newtonian relaxation) for radar, satellite as well as surface and radiosonde data [WP3].
Develop an Anaprop identification algorithm based on radiosonde data [WP6]. Results will be used in the set-up and diagnosis of product developed by UESSEX.
Provide and maintain the project web site [WP12].

Academic lecturer - staffNumerical modelling and radar meteorologyLocal coordinator. Assimilation of radar and satellite data.
Contact with enduser.
Professor - staffRadar meteorologySupervision of anaprop study.
Academic lecturer -staffNumerical modelling and radar meteorologyStudy propagation condition. Development of a diagnostic product.
Assistant professor -staffNumerical modelling, computing.Supervision of the development of continuous assimilation scheme.
WP 3 and 4.
Scientific researcherMeteorology and computingImplementation of the continuous assimilation scheme.
Deliver data for Kalman filtering approach.
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