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Integration of 3D data from NWP and from radars to improve precipitation measurements. Improve the assimilation of radar data in NWP. Develop the methodology to map the 3D distributions of water phase within radar reflectivity using parameterised NWP results. Removing water phase dependent attenuation bias in radar data. Derive vertical reflectivity profile from NWP data and use it to improve the measured radar reflectivity profile [WP7]. Develop, in partnership with SMHI, a variational assimilation scheme for Doppler radar data [WP3].

PARTNER Nš4              FMI
Programme managerRadar meteorology.Contact point for the project.
Supervision of radar section. Supervision of radar correction techniques.
Programme managerNumerical modellingSupervision of data assimilation work.
ScientistAtmospheric physics, radar meteorologyDevelop a technique to blend together radar and model output data.
Implementation on VPR technique to correct long range radar data.
ScientistNumerical computationImplementation of observation operator. Test of variational procedure.
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