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Scientific/technical role and expertise:
  1. Statistical-physical MW rain estimation algorithms using VIS/IR and passive MW data.
  2. Multispectral satellite cloud top parameter extraction.
  3. Satellite radiance field extraction in cloudy conditions.
  4. Study of severe weather events using satellite multisensor techniques.

Data and products to be made available to WP5:
  1. Radiance fields in the VIS/NIR/IR spectral range from NOAA AVHRR sensors.
  2. Water vapour profile extraction from TOVS data for input into mesoscale analysis.

Data and products to be made available to WP9:
  1. Geo-located satellite rainfall estimation fields with several techniques and possibly using rapid update schemes combining geostationary and polar orbiting sensors down to the 15 min time scale.
  2. Rainfall datasets from the EURAINSAT project (EVG1 CT-2000-00030).
  3. Customisation of rainfall datasets to the project's data format.

PARTNER Nš8              CNR-ISAO
ScientistsCloud microphysics and structure, rainfall estimation techniquesCo-ordinator of the CNR-ISAO unit.
Multispectral cloud top analysis, rainfall estimation
Contact point for EURAINSAT
ScientistRadiative transfer and rainfall algorithmsSatellite rainfall estimates
Associate scientistRadiative transfer and atmospheric parameter extractionExtraction of satellite radiance fields and humidity profiles
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