The description of the project milestones, as well as their cost as a percentage of the total cost of the project, is reported in the following table. The project milestones address the work following the major project ideas:
  • Improve the estimation of the radar rainfall
  • Improve the forecast of rainfall patterns
  • Improve the flood forecasting capability
  • Strong interaction with the End-Users panel

M00Start of the projectStart of activities.
1st TSC meeting.
M1+6Set-up of basic communication facilityBasic end-Users requirements.
Web site established.
Critical review of polarisation techniques.
M2+12Set-up of assimilation schemesAssessment of radar uncertainty.
Pre-processing of radar data.
Definition of multiple Doppler analysis.
Definition of hydrometeor phases based on NWP.
M3+18Mid-termImplementation of the observation operator for 4DVAR.
Assessment of errors in the input of hydrological models.
1st workshop, End-Users panel meeting.
2nd TSC meeting.
End-users Assessment document.
M4+24Assessment of interaction of NWP and radar dataFirst results of assimilation.
Overhanging precipitation correction.
First results on flood forecasting improvements.
M5+30Assessment of improvement in flood forecastingSensitivity studies.
Impact of Doppler wind on the 4DVAR.
Test of VSRF system.
M6+36End of the projectValidation of improvements in flood forecasting.
Vertical reflectivity profile correction.
Test of "real-time" model for ANAPROP modelling.
2nd workshop, End-Users panel meeting.
End-users Assessment document.
3rd TSC meeting.

The general Gantt diagram for the project is reported in the following figure. Also shown in the Gantt diagrams are the project-milestones indicated by the grey vertical lines, proposed project meetings (triangles), workshops (diamonds) and reports (small circles for interim reports, medium circles for progress reports and biggest circle for final report).