The End-Users are involved from the proposal stage through the creation of a panel of representative institutions that cover different role in the flood management, spanning from the safeguard of human life and the reduction of infrastructure damaging (i.e. Civil protection, river authority, transport etc.) to the reduction of the environmental pollution (transport, sewage management) caused by flooding problems.

Their contributions will drive and assess the research efforts in a manner suitable for their day to day work. The improvements that should be reached in severe weather forecasting capability will be, through the End-User panel, directly put into action, with a consequential reduction in the effects (economic losses, destruction of infrastructures and, most important, human life) caused by flooding events and more generally by severe weather phenomena.

To make clearer both role and importance of the End-Users in the definition of the project objectives as well as the control of the quality, a specific workpackage (WP 11), is reserved, similar to the dissemination of results. We briefly recall here the work foreseen.

  • In the first six months of the project, the End-Users will be contacted by the corresponding partners, to identify the needs and constraints for the End-Users activities, i.e. basic requirements of forecast accuracy, reliability and lead times.
  • The group's members will meet two times per year with the corresponding national partners to assess and monitor the quality of the research work.
  • They will attend each project workshop.
  • Once the performance possibilities for each of the technologies utilised is clear, the end-user group will decide on the most useful operational compromises of accuracy, reliability and forecast lead-time. The research teams will concentrate on developing these objectives to meet the stated requirements.They will attend each project workshop.
The composition of the End-Users panel is reported here:

PartnerCountryEnd-User nameEnd-User AcronymArea of interest
1ARPA-SMRItalyDipartimento della Protezione CivileDPCFlood Management
4SMHISwedenÅngermanälvens Vattenregleringsföretag Energy Hydropower industry
5FMIFinlandKemijoki OyKEJOHydropower Industry
5FMIFinlandFinnish National Road AdministrationNRATransport
7UBARCELONASpainServei Meteorològic de CatalunyaSMCWeather Forecast
7UBARCELONASpainClavegueram de Barcelona, S.ACLABSASewage Management
9NUIDIrelandEnvironmental Protection AgencyEPARiver Managment

CARPE DIEM's main goal is to improve the overall quality of flood and flash-flood forecasting. The improvements in severe storm precipitation deposit both estimated and forecasted, are of primary importance, also, for users community beyond that the "flood users". To demonstrate the possibility of exploiting the results in other areas we have involved, as part of the End-Users panel, the Finnish National Road Authority and CLABSA from Spain.