Technical Steering Committee

To ensure an high quality control level on scientific and technological efforts a Technical Steering Committee is envisaged. The committee, chaired by the project coordinator will be composed by three internal members (i.e. Area Rapporteurs) and three independent high-skill level scientists (one for each area).

The committee will act as an Advisory Board whose duties are:
  • Provide advice, criticism and guidance to the Co-ordinator and project participants in order to ensure a more efficient execution of the proposed tasks and WP.
  • Provide requirements and feedbacks for the correct development of products following specific users' needs.
  • Evaluate contributions from all partners and decide on their quality.
Composition of the Committee is reported below:

Technical Steering Committee
Dr. Pier Paolo AlberoniProject Co-ordinatior
Dr. Nils GustafssonScientific rapporteurs of Area 1 "Data assimilation and NWP improvements"
Dr. Madhu ChandraScientific rapporteurs of Area 2 "Use of NWP results to improve radar products"
Prof. Ezio TodiniScientific rapporteurs of Area 3 "Flood forecasting"
Dr. Andrea RossaExternal Member. MeteoSwiss. Chairman of COST 717
Prof. Paolo BurlandoExternal Member. Professor of Hydrology and Water resources Management at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
Prof. Dusan ZrnicExternal Member. NSSL-NOAA